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“We said it, we did it”

The Mousset Group, a family company driven by farmyard transport, has grown continuously over the past 57 years. The company’s network of more than one hundred sites now covers the whole of France, with sites in Poland, Ukraine and Morocco as well. In recent years, the Mousset Group has established itself as a leader in transportation with handling, temperature-controlled transport and town centre delivery.

Here at the Mousset Group, we are constantly looking towards the future, reinforcing our position in France and intensifying our international development.

Key dates

Over the course of 57 years, what started out as a small family company in La Vendée has grown into a large, international organisation. The company began by developing its expertise in the transportation of live poultry, before exporting this expertise overseas in 2010. A key turning point came in 2013, when recently appointed CEO Frédéric Leblanc took the decision to develop industrial transportation and handling. In 2019, hyper-specialist, three-temperature transportation became the company’s fourth key area of focus. Whether it’s in agriculture, industry, refrigeration or on the international stage, at the Mousset Group we have a tendency to pop up where we’re least expected.

Key figures


years of existence

2 million

poultry animals transported each day

The number 1

company in France for the transportation of live poultry

280 m

in turnover (2020)


agencies in Europe and in Morocco




staff on the payroll

The number 1

service provider in the transport sector

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