Helping different sectors

For a number of decades now, the Mousset Group has specialised in “farmyard” transport. This doesn’t just cover poultry (the whole sector, including chicks and hatching eggs) – it also includes collecting milk, livestock feed and – a recent addition – the transportation of co-products to biogas plants. We have become the number one group in this sector through our desire to meet the needs of our clients.

Milk collection

LORALAIT specialises in milk collection throughout France. Our fleet of more than 100 vehicles allows us to work with both large manufacturers and...


Transporting live poultry

Live poultry transport has been a speciality of ours for more than 30 years. This has given us a great knowledge of the field and the unique types of...


Poultry collection and associated operations

With our customers, we have developed our services in such a way as to respond most effectively to their problems. This is how we built our...


Chick transport and egg collection

The transport of chicks and hatching of eggs are services which require suitable practices and equipment. This is why we provide our clients with...


Feed delivery

We ensure the transport of bulk or bagged feed from the factory to your feeding system. This is a demanding task which requires great planning,...


Co-products and waste

Under specific regulations and procedures, we can collect all your co-products and recoverable waste in categories...