From the transportation of live animals to animal feed, the Mousset Group has expanded beyond national borders, establishing itself in both Poland and Ukraine via local subsidiaries of Avilog. In 2010, the group created Avilog Polska, which specialises in the transportation of live poultry, with Poland becoming Europe’s largest producer of poultry in 2016. In Ukraine, we launched our first milk collection and poultry transportation services in January 2019. Across the Mediterranean in Morocco, in 2011 the Mousset Group set up the subsidiaries TALM (Transports Avilog Loralait Maroc), a specialist in milk collection, and Mousset Maroc, a specialist in refrigerated transport.

The Mousset Group guarantees:

  • An extensive assessment of your transport requirements, taking all of your economic, social and technical constraints into account
  • That the right material will be deployed and that a dedicated, well-trained team will be set up
  • A quality- and safety-centred approach to transport
  • Full integration into your production process

Local structures, local staff

At the Mousset Group, our aim is to establish ourselves within markets on a long-term basis. Each time we move into a new country, we always set up a legal entity, renting office space and recruiting employees from that country.

Tailored resources

At the Mousset Group, everything we do is geared towards transportation that complies with French standards. One example of this is the creation of PMS (Pneumatiques Maintenance Services) in Morocco, a garage for carrying out professional maintenance on the company’s fleet in an economically rational way.

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Our overseas subsidiaries


Zone Industrielle GZENAYA,
LOT 422
1er étage – Appt. N°1
90 102 Tanger-Maroc

+212 539 395 896

Contact : Laurent Duval


ul. Sosnowa 3/5
05-400 OTWOCK

+48 22 779 62 19

Contact : Julien Leblanc

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PMS Garage

Lot N°5 – Parc Industriel Jorf Lasfar
Commune de Moulay Abdelah – EL JADIDA

+212 (0)5 23 37 70 48

Contact : Sébastien Chauvin

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