At Mousset, we encourage our staff to seek training throughout their professional careers.

All of our drivers are:

  • Highly skilled
  • Best placed to represent your company
  • Able to deliver a wide range of services
  • Involved in the group, with the potential for career development

In 2005, our group became an “accredited training provider”. This expertise means we are able to design our training modules ourselves and come up with our own educational materials targeted at professionals.


Every 5 years, all of our drivers are required to update their knowledge (of the profession and security regulations) and improve their skills through mandatory continuous training.


  • Initial training: because each service is unique, all of our drivers are given training in the methods specific to each activity (farmyard, driving on country roads, handling, lifting systems, etc.)
  • Vehicle induction: for optimum security, this is an obligatory module for all of our drivers when they join our company, but also each time they change vehicle
  • Internal preventative training
  • Sleep management: a good night’s sleep is essential for physical and mental wellbeing. Failing to get a good night’s sleep can have serious consequences: lack of concentration, difficulty focusing, etc. This training helps employees recognise the signs of fatigue and adopt preventative measures on a daily basis, ensuring high-quality work and a safe working environment for drivers
  • Gestures and posture: training aimed at sustainably preserving the physical health and well-being of employees, teaching them the right way of getting in and out of vehicles or the procedures to follow during handling operations. Adopting these habits is the best way of preventing errors and ensuring a high-quality service.

Farmyard advantages

Obligatory training for animal well-being is provided internally by our accredited training providers and is approved by the DDPP (the Departmental Directorate for Population Protection). After completing this module, our drivers are given the CAPTAV certification (Professional Aptitude Certificate for the Transportation of Live Animals).

Through this training, drivers learn how to:

  • Respect loading densities
  • Adopt habits suitable for the animals being transported
  • Comply with hygiene and ventilation standards