Safety and quality initiative

Ensuring the quality and the security of your deliveries is one of our top priorities, as part of our continuous improvement initiative.

We are willing to go beyond the applicable regulations, enabling us to offer you a dedicated service while fully meeting your requirements.

Our measures

In terms of regulations:

  • Implementing a security protocol specific to the Mousset Group, in addition to the relevant regulatory obligations and legal documents (e.g. a unique risk assessment document)
  • Implementing specific procedures for transporting waste
  • Respecting the HACCP procedure

In terms of logistics:

  • Traceability of goods
  • Respecting all quantities loaded and weight checks
  • Use of IMAGINE software for the preventative management of our vehicle fleet and their equipment

In terms of checks:

  • Incident analysis, even for minor incidents
  • An annual risk prevention audit carried out within our agencies

Farmyard advantages

  • ECOCERT certification (collecting and transporting milk)
  • Training in animal wellbeing (loading density, appropriate driving, hygiene)