Mousset Group


  • Poultry
  • Dairy
  • Industry
  • Temperature-controlled deliveries

“Unity in diversity” is the motto of the Mousset Group. Whether it’s so-called “farmyard” transport, worksite or home deliveries of housing equipment or the transportation of agricultural machinery, the common denominator of all of these activities is the way in which we use our expertise, our knowledge of the product (whether live, fragile, bespoke or bulky) and an unwavering commitment to service in order to provide our clients with immediate, flexible solutions to their problems, no matter how complex. Meeting these challenges is what motivates the 1,800 Mousset Group employees in France and overseas.


After leaving Northwest France 55 years ago, our family company has developed a level of expertise that is unique in France in the “farmyard” sector, with activities ranging from the transportation of poultry and feed to collecting milk and a range of other services linked to managing these delicate “products” and overseeing hygiene. In terms of difficulty in gaining access, handling, traceability and food safety, these services are performed to the highest possible standards.

Delivery with handling

In 2013, the Mousset Group began expanding into industrial transport, placing particular emphasis on bespoke and specialist services using forklifts or cranes. Our core business involves devising innovative solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Industrial delivery service

A new area of strategic focus was developed by the MOUSSET Group in 2009 through its RAUD subsidiary, in the form of an industrial delivery service. The corresponding service not only covers transport operations but also includes a capacity to store (acceptance of products, checks, order preparation, shipment) and to manage significant inflows and outflows (cross-docking) based on the available stock of specially adapted equipment (swap bodies) and a high-performance custom-designed IT system.

Temperature-controlled transportation

When it comes to the cold chain, Mousset operates in a different league to non-specialist companies. Its subsidiary, Jetfreeze, is a specialist in urban deliveries packaged at more than one different temperature. In addition to transportation, Jetfreeze also takes care of order preparation, repackaging and the storage of products prior to distribution.


From the transportation of live animals to animal feed, the Mousset Group has expanded beyond national borders, establishing itself in both Poland and Ukraine via local subsidiaries of Avilog. Across the Mediterranean in Morocco, in 2011 the Mousset Group set up the subsidiaries TALM (Transports Avilog Loralait Maroc), a specialist in milk collection, and Mousset Maroc, a specialist in refrigerated transport.