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The Mousset Group
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Drawing on more than 55 years of experience, 1,800 employees and 1,300 vehicles, The Mousset Group is your ideal partner for transport services, centred around three core principles: trade knowledge, product knowledge and customer relations.

  • 55

    years of experience

  • The number 1

    service provider
    in the transport sector

  • 1500


  • 121

    agencies across Europe
    and in Morocco

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“The true identity of the Mousset Group – way ahead of our passion for the road or for materials – lies in our passion for a specific environment, the passion we have for our highly specific trades (poultry, dairy, industry, refrigeration) and the close attention we pay to the products we deliver, whether they’re alive, extremely fragile or bear a bespoke design. More than anything, though, what gets us into our lorries, day and night, is the quality of the human relationships that we have been able to build over time with our clients, their staff and our clients’ clients. That’s the raison d’être of our company and the driving force behind our development.”

Frédéric Leblanc - CEO

The Mousset Group news on social media

2 jours ago
Dernier jour à Cerizay (79) pour le bus et sa #team recrutement. Des visites, des candidats et un joli soleil pour accompagner notre venue. Prochaine action : Boulay-Moselle (57) !
@charlinebricard & @BENARDDavid19
Animateurs #recrutement
#jetransporte #teambus #Avilog
GpeMousset photo
3 jours ago
Belle visite surprise de Thomas dans le bus du @GpeMousset installé pour le week-end à Cerizay (79). Conducteur Avilog sur notre site de Bouaye (44), Thomas se dirige vers le rôle d'assistant d'exploitation.
Animateurs recrutement
#jetransporte #Avilog #opportunité
GpeMousset photo

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