Transportation with handling

Dedicated services

In 2013, the Mousset Group began expanding into the industrial transport sector, offering bespoke and specialised services using forklift trucks or cranes. Our core trade involves designing innovative, tailored solutions to suit the specific needs of our clients.

Industrial transport

Our fleet and our expertise allow us to address all exceptional transport issues in France and Europe. Thanks to our low-profile, pit, machine...


Direct delivery to construction sites and warehouses

Are you looking for a specialist who meets your quality requirements, from goods transport to direct delivery to construction sites or...


Private client deliveries

Are you looking for a specialist for the transport of your heavy and bulky goods to private clients (outdoor products, building products, leisure...


Transport of partial and complete loads

Are you looking for a full transport solution with no tonnage...


Outsourcing your transport

Do you want to refocus on your core business while becoming more flexible and competitive over the long...


Warehousing - Order preparation - Delivery

Are you looking for a specialist for the storage and preparation of your...


Exceptional and specialist transport

Since 1981, NEGO Transports has acquired great experience and expertise in "high volume" transport: farm equipment, construction and building...


Forestry transport

For more than 50 years, Transports VERRIERE has been specialised in industrial, forestry and material transport for the public construction,...


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