Eco Pro Attitude

For many road haulage companies, energy-efficient driving is exclusively about saving fuel. At Mousset, we go much further.

For people and for the economy

For us, Eco Pro Attitude is for people and the economy – it’s not just about road driving.

All of our employees (drivers, management, upper management) work towards continuous improvement, taking a range of different factors into account in order to:

  • Improve working conditions
  • Ensure total satisfaction and reassurance for our clients
  • Control the cost of consumables
  • Reduce our environmental impact

A key strategic value

One aim of our participatory management policy is to make all employees aware of their responsibilities, both in their roles and within the life of the company. This initiative involves employees in the development of the company, helping them to flourish both personally and professionally as talents emerge. This core strategic value, which we as a company aim to spread, is the key to the steady evolution of our human wealth.


Communication is key

In order to ensure that all of our employees apply the EPA, regardless of their role, we place a strong emphasis on communication within our company (debriefs, interviews and meetings). Our principles:

  • Information
  • Anticipation
  • Self-evaluation
  • Making employees aware of their responsibilities
  • Training
  • Promoting experience and practises
  • Putting people from different sectors of the company in contact with each other
  • Proximity

On the road: an onboard tool for professional performance

The onboard computer equipment fitted to our vehicles is used to collect a range of information, which is then “debriefed”, resulting in actions to help us stick to our commitments in relation to:

  • Omnipresent security
  • The optimum use of materials
  • The quality of the services we offer
  • Respecting the environment


Tangible results

Since being introduced within our company, the EPA has allowed us to make considerable progress in terms of:

  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Building trust among our staff
  • Client satisfaction
  • Reducing CO2 emissions