Are you looking for a service provider you can trust to best represent your company?

Here at Mousset, we believe that the people in the best position to understand your problems are the people dealing with them day in, day out. That is why, for the past 55 years, we have made sure that our teams are involved in the group’s day to day activities.

Being able to listen, sharing information and communicating: using our management techniques, these professionals work together to build a tailored solution to suit your needs. In 2013, this initiative was brought to life in the form of the Entre-preneurs project.

Entre-preneurs: flawless management

Entre-preneurs is a participatory management tool enabling everyone to play their part in the success of their office and within the company as a whole. Our goals:

  • To contribute towards the improvement and development of our company, with and for the people who work for us
  • To offer solutions and initiatives enabling us to be more efficient when it comes to safety, quality and the services we offer our clients

Dedicated meetings

The Entre-preneurs project involves quarterly meetings being held between teams and their managers. These discussions are centred around the following principles:

  • Information
  • Self-assessment
  • Coming up with ideas
  • Using experience and practises
  • Settling differences
  • Building collective intelligence

We want to constantly question ourselves in order to deliver a high-quality service.

At all levels of the Mousset Group, you are guaranteed to work with Entre-preneurs, who will take decisive action.