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The Mousset story began with Michel and Anne-Marie Mousset, with trucks in front of their house and coffee in their kitchen. There are now 2,800 of us working across four countries, but we do everything we can to retain that family spirit. We still have the coffee, but we also have a very short management model, and we always aim to listen to what our employees have to say.

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Our philosophy

Our philosophy

If you’ve got the right people, you’ll get the contracts.” These words from Frédéric Leblanc, CEO of the Mousset Group, speak volumes of how vitally important men and women have been to the company’s success.

It also speaks volumes of the emphasis placed on recruitment, – we aren’t looking for people with permits, but rather people with whom we can go on to achieve something big – on training (our jobs are so specific) and on working conditions (materials, adjustments, benefits, etc.), ensuring that Mousset employees feel at home in their jobs and are able to express themselves and develop their talents.

Our management structure

  • At the Mousset Group, we feel that human and economic aspects are equally important. In our opinion, ensuring that our employees really flourish is a key way of stimulating growth and boosting performance levels which is why, for the past 57 years, we have engaged with our staff using a very short (four-level) participatory management structure, promoting dialogue, feedback and constructive collaboration:
  • Formal discussions (the entre-preneurs project, EPA, weekly debriefings, annual interviews)
  • Catch-up sessions between drivers and managers 24 hours a day
  • Decisional and operational autonomy

At Mousset, we feel it is essential for everyone to feel free and responsible, that they are able to come out of their shells and give the best of themselves.

Our values

We said it, we did it”. At the Mousset Group, our priority is to maintain high-quality levels for all of our services. At Mousset, when we say something, we keep our word – and that goes for our employees as well as for our clients.

Our individual and collective engagement is centred around four key values:

  • Respecting people
  • Diversity
  • Trust
  • Cooperation

Putting the well-being of our employees first

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