Transport of milling flour

CAUDRON Meunerie is the indisputable leader in baking flour delivery for bakers and the food industries throughout France. CAUDRON Meunerie delivers flour to more than 4 out of 10 bakers and contributes to the baking of 11 million baguettes per day, eaten by 22 million French people.

CAUDRON Meunerie transport guarantees

Quality deliveries

The intermediary between the mill and the artisan or the factory baker, CAUDRON Meunerie guarantees quality deliveries, with the shortest deadlines and in the best possible conditions. All our trained employees are keen to serve our miller customers’ customers: the bakery, the bakers, the night… It’s their world. After BtoB, BtoC, a long time ago CAUDRON Meunerie invented BtoA: Business to Artisan!

To guarantee its position as the leading flour transporter, CAUDRON Meunerie has acquired a fleet of vehicles suited to its customers’ characteristics and requirements: description of the fleet e.g.: tipping tanker for bulk flour etc.
For maximum efficiency and safety, all vehicles are geolocalised and equipped with 360° cameras.

Always close to the mills and close to their customers

Operating on more than 45 sites in France, CAUDRON Meunerie is always based as near as possible to the mills and to their customers.

Its arrival in the MOUSSET-JETRANSPORTE group allows it to rely on a powerful logistics network and to reinforce its territorial coverage to ensure it can deliver absolutely everywhere in France.

The appropriate resources, making all the difference:


  • 420 employees


  • Operating at more than 45 sites throughout France


360 vehicles including:

  • Single-tank vehicles
  • Flour bag carriers
  • Combined carriers (bags and bulk)

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