Exceptional and specialist transport

Since 1981, NEGO Transports has acquired great experience and expertise in "high volume" transport: farm equipment, construction and building machinery, industrial machinery and equipment, and leisure equipment, to name but a few.
Their site in Mamers (near Paris) has 2 outdoor storage facilities (38,000 m2) for all your agricultural equipment, industrial equipment, building equipment and mobile homes.

NEGO Transport guarantees:

  • Expert drivers. Specialist transport requires specific expertise from drivers who are individually trained within the company to drive tractors and load and secure different goods.
  • Adapted equipment. We have a fleet of vehicles adapted to all your needs (low-rise trailers with winches, ramps, pits, machine trailers…). In addition, our fleet of vehicles allows us to meet your freight transport needs involving dimensions (width and/or height and/or length and/or length and/or weight) exceeding the standards set by the Highway Code.
  • Safe storage of your equipment. We have 2 outdoor tank sites (38,000 m2) on an enclosed site with full camera surveillance.

A fully adapted service for each of your needs

  • Specialist transport
  • Exceptional transport
  • General freight transport

In France and neighbouring countries

  • Storage and handling

The right tools for the job

Our road fleet:

  • Straight flat-bed trucks with siding
  • Lowered straight flat-bed trucks
  • Straight low-floor flat-bed trucks
  • Expandable solutions
  • Tank carriers

On straight trucks, semi-trailers and trailers.

Custom solutions:

NEGO Transports can meet all your exceptional transport needs in France and Europe.

Thanks to our low-profile, pit, machine carrier and extendible trailers, we are able to provide your transports whose dimensions (width and/or height and/or height and/or length and/or weight) exceed the standards imposed by the highway code.

These transport solutions cover 3 categories and may require the use of escorts by pilot cars and/or motorcycles.

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