Forestry transport

For more than 50 years, Transports VERRIERE has been specialised in industrial, forestry and material transport for the public construction, wood-energy, agri-food and maritime container transport sectors.

Experts in log transport

VERRIERE provides forestry transport throughout France, but also in Belgium, Italy, Germany and Switzerland using a fully-adapted fleet. We can provide 10 tonne /metre forest cranes, a 24 tonne/metre logging truck, and a 37 tonne/metre logging truck, as well as several wood carrier platforms for the transport of stères and logs.

And bulk transport

We have a range of equipment adapted for supply transport to public works, energy, wood and agri-food projects: 17 m³ construction dumpsters, 55 m³ grain dumpsters, 90 m³ moving floor dumpsters as well as 6 x 4 trucks with a capacity of 26 tonnes.

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