Chick transport and egg collection

The transport of chicks and hatching of eggs are services which require suitable practices and equipment. This is why we provide our clients with specially designed equipment for the job, and all our drivers receive specific training.

AVILOG guarantees:

  • A high quality service, with expert, CAPTAV-approved drivers (Certificate of Professional Aptitude for the Transport of Live Animals), full compliance with legal load limits and hygiene and ventilation standards, and driving techniques adapted for the cargo. Our drivers also ensure that all the equipment necessary for animal well-being is functioning correctly.
  • Safe transport, with the implementation of procedures specific to each customer, particularly when accessing the hatchery.
  • A relationship of trust, with weekly meetings with the manager dedicated to your file and quarterly operating meetings.

A fully adapted service for each of your needs

  • Deliveries everywhere in France and abroad
  • A procedure developed according to your specifications
  • A single contact person dedicated to your file
  • An optimised tour schedule scheduled with you according to your hatching times
  • Traceability for your goods in real time using our vehicle tracking system
  • Tracking each client’s statistics

The right tools for the job

Our road fleet:

  • Straight trucks
  • Tractors + semi-trailers

Our dedicated equipment

  • O.A.C.: isothermal or refrigerated trucks
  • Chickens: heated/air-conditioned trucks
  • Breeding stock transfers: equipment specific to the type of poultry
  • On-board computers

Your contact


Sales Director

02 51 66 01 13

A few of our valued clients

Contact us | Olivier ROUILLARD - 06 24 78 50 58 / 02 51 66 59 27