Transporting live poultry

Live poultry transport has been a speciality of ours for more than 30 years. This has given us a great knowledge of the field and the unique types of transport involved, ensuring we have the right equipment and efficient and productive processes led by expert teams.

Avilog guarantees:

  • A high quality service, with expert, CAPTAV-approved drivers (Certificate of Professional Aptitude for the Transport of Live Animals), full compliance with legal load limits and hygiene and ventilation standards, and driving techniques adapted for the cargo.
  • Safe transport with the use of handling equipment adapted to each type of poultry and according to each client’s delivery processes.
  • A relationship of trust, through quarterly operating meetings with the manager dedicated to the follow-up of your file.

From eggs to live poultry, from collection to recycling, the MOUSSET Group and its subsidiary Avilog will support you at all stages of the poultry industry.

Specific services for each need

  • Deliveries everywhere in France and abroad
  • A procedure developed according to your specifications
  • A single contact dedicated to your file
  • An advanced schedule, allowing us to optimise our routes and best meet your expectations
  • Traceability for your goods in real time using our vehicle tracking system
  • Tracking each client’s statistics

The right tools for the job

Our road fleet:

  • Carriers + trailers
  • Tractors + semi-trailers
  • Semi-trailer trucks
  • Flat-bed trucks with containers, adapted to the specific needs of each client

Our dedicated equipment

  • Poultry-specific equipment
  • On-board handling tools
  • Heated and air-conditioned vehicles
  • Adjustable roof and tarpaulin covers to adapt to the seasons
  • On-board computers

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A few of our valued clients

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